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Process Director recognised in the Gartner 'Magic Quadrant for iBPMS' for 2016

Process Director recognised in the Gartner 'Magic Quadrant for iBPMS' for 2016

Written by Alan Ingram on Thursday, 18 August 2016. Posted in Process Director, BP Logix, Gartner Magic Quadrant for iBPMS

Process Director by BP Logix has been named in the Gartner 'Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS)' for the second year in a row.

According to Gartner, there are a couple of significant changes in the 2016 Magic Quadrant iBPMS category when compared to 2015.

First, there is an increasing focus on using an iBPMS to address more complex work styles that may be less structured or unstructured and require interaction with a wide variety of structured and unstructured content types. iBPMSs have evolved a varying degree of case management solutions — enabling organisations to improve outcomes from a wider variety of process styles. Second, in order to adapt to changing business needs more quickly, there is an even greater focus on making the technologies easier to use so that the citizen developer (business users and business analysts rather than software developers) can author solutions with minimal involvement from IT.

Being recognised by Gartner and added to the Magic Quadrant in 2015 was a great achievement for BP Logix and Process Director. Moving further up and to the right of the quadrant for the second year endorses the progress BP Logix have made with the product and how it continues to fulfil more and more current business requirements

Alan Ingram, Technical Director, ePC

BP Logix Process Director selected as KMWorld 2014 Trend-Setting product

Written by Alan Ingram on Sunday, 21 September 2014. Posted in Process Director, BP Logix

ePC is pleased to announce Process Director workflow software by our partner BP Logix has been named one of KMWorld's Trend-Setting Products for 2014.

Process Director, with its patented Process Timeline™ technology, was selected from more than 650 products and hundreds of vendors. The list, in its 12th year, will be published in the September issue of KMWorld, a leading publisher and conference organiser in the fields of knowledge management, content management and document management.

Rentokil Initial selects BP Logix to automate its CapEx process

Written by Alan Ingram on Wednesday, 28 September 2011. Posted in Business Process Management, Process Director, Workflow automation, Cloud hosting, BP Logix, Capital expenditure (CapEx)

BP Logix, a developer of BPM software that accelerates time-to-value, today announced that Rentokil Initial plc, one of the world’s largest providers of business services, has selected Process Director/Cloud Edition.

Seeking to centralise its capital expenditure approval process (CapEx) across European operations, Rentokil Initial identified a need for technology that could overlay process control within the organisation. Determined to work more collaboratively across 16 countries to create a more orderly process, Rentokil Initial turned to BP Logix to automate and manage its CapEx expenditures.

Delivering on the promise of rapid deployment and cost savings, while also providing the desired process improvements, Rentokil Initial entered into a Proof of Concept with Process Director/ Cloud Edition. Upon completing the pilot and being satisfied with its results, the company then deployed the product throughout its European Initial Textiles and Hygiene division.

Services for the Rentokil Initial implementation have been provided by ePartner Consulting Ltd.

BP Logix announces new reseller in Europe

Written by Alan Ingram on Tuesday, 02 November 2010. Posted in Process Director, BP Logix

BP Logix, a developer of BPM software for business users, today announced the selection of a new reseller.

With expansion into Europe as one of the company’s key objectives, the EMEA-based reseller reflects a commitment to working with both existing and new customers to optimise their product portfolios through the introduction of BPM product solutions. Concurrent with launching both Workflow Director in March and Process Director on October 19th, the new reseller reflects the acceptance of the BP Logix platform, its workflow and rules engines, business intelligence and records management capabilities, as well as electronic forms processing and reporting.

BP Logix’s newest reseller is ePartner Consulting Ltd. ePC has a well established record of business success and has identified BPM as an area of expansion and growth for its organisation.

ePC is very excited about our partnership with BP Logix - and being able to enhance our portfolio with a cost-effective and well thought-out BPM solution based on established Microsoft technologies. Workflow Director combines both powerful and intuitive methods of process deployment to suit both ePC's departmental and IT development users alike – and we look forward to working with Process Director as it addresses a unique problem set as well

Alan Ingram, Technical Director, ePC